Laboratory for the Philosophy and Psychology of Rationality and Decision


[January 18, 2017]

POSEIDON Meeting, Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington, WA.

[October 11, 2016]

LPPRD Seminar on experimental methods for philosophers. Jens Madsen.


[June 22, 2016]

LPPRD Black tie dinner.


June 18, 2015, LPPRD Seminar:

Jane Friedman (New York University), TBA


May 7, 2015, LPPRD Seminar:

Brent Strickland (Institut Jean Nicod) on “Compensating for human nature: How to control "core" biases for the sake of better outcomes.”


March 23, 2015, LPPRD Seminar:

Mark Alfano (University of Oregon) on “Mapping Values.”

St. Catherine's College | Manor Road | Oxford | OX1 3UJ | UK